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Intelligent Targeted Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

It's time to change up the way you advertise your business. List and Print provides data driven targeted marketing lead lists, graphic design work, printing services and bulk mailing all in one place.

Order Your Custom Leads List Now


1. Targeted Lead Lists Creation

Lists are built using our nationwide proprietary database and are filtered based on who your customers actually are, so you aren't marketing to those who don't meet your customer profile.

2. Custom Design Your Advertisement

Now that we have a list built of targeted new leads, we work with you to design an advertisement of your choice ranging from a small postcard to a full brochure or booklet.

3. Print Your Advertisement

We take your custom ad design and professionally print it in-house with address labels matching your newly created targeted lead list.

4. Mail Your Advertisement

We send your advertisement direct to your targeted leads list via U.S. Mail using our bulk mail permit to help keep postage costs down.

How We Build Your Unique Custom Leads List

The process of building a custom leads list, while very complicated, is quick and easy for you. We use a nationwide proprietary database comprised of over 120,000,000 records from over 400 different searchable fields. All you have to do is answer a few questions about the customers you want to target.

Here's the process of building a targeted leads list:

  • We start with a region in the country where your clients are and to whom you want to target/advertise. It can be the entire nation, a state, a region of a state, a county, a zip code, a particular street, or any mix of the above. There are truly no limitations to a starting point.

  • We then narrow down the people in that geographical area by applying your given customer traits, such as income, sex, marital status, home ownership, home features (bedrooms, size, cooling or heating system, pool, etc.), and more. For every trait we identify in this process, the smaller and more specific your list becomes. A list that starts with 100,000 people can quickly become a targeted leads list of only 2,000 true potential customers.

  • We then finalize your list with our in-fact checking process, making sure the list is exactly as you wanted. We deliver to you a simple excel file that includes full names and corresponding mailing addresses.


Reviews from List and Print Customers

"List and Print delivered me a great lead list which resulted in increased traffic and sales."

Heather Macdonald

"I will never go back to traditional mailing marketing again."

James Arnold

"List and Print helped me save money while generating new business. Thank you team List and Print!!!"

Martin Pohlmann

List and Print Pricing

Below is our sample baseline pricing for all of List and Prints' services. Your total pricing will vary based on the number of leads generated, number of design hours, number of printed marketing pieces, and postal cost.

Leads Cost
0 - 999 Leads = $0.20 per lead
1,000 - 2,499 Leads = $0.15 per lead
2,500 - 4,999 Leads = $0.13 per lead
5,000 - 9,999 Leads = $0.11 per lead
10,000 - 19,999 Leads = $0.09 per lead
20-000+ Leads = $0.08 per lead

Graphic Design/Art Charge
Use one of our templates and plug in your logo and company information for only $25 or have custom created artwork done by our team for $45 an hour.

Printing Cost
Starts at $325 for 1,000 count 4"x6" double sided postcards and goes up based on advertisement size and quantity.

Postage Charge
We never profit on your postage. You will always pay the amount the USPS charges for bulk mail, which ranges based on quantity of pieces being mailed usually around $0.25 per piece.

Call us today at (888)820-5700 or email info@listandprint.com to get started.


List and Print is owned by National Data Collective, Inc. A nationwide public records property data provider.

List and Print was started to help small businesses succeed in their advertising efforts without breaking the bank. We recognize that small business is a BIG factor in the economic success of our society and one that is often ignored by many.

Plain and simple, what we do is provide the same data that billion dollar companies use to market their goods and services to targeted consumers, but to small business owners like yourself. This isn't done elsewhere and will help your business not only survive, but thrive by lowering your marketing costs and increasing your bottom line.

Call us today at (888) 820-5700 or
email info@listandprint.com